TwoTown is a "gesamtkunstwerk" where a long-format story is presented in graphic novels and short stories. In addition miscellaneous artworks, such as installations, drawing, paintings and performances are produced to accompany that story. The project is a personal mythology organized in the classical tradition, with creation myths, heroic legends and tales of the apocalypse. Its structure follows the archaic design of mythical tradition, but the world in which the stories take place is a modern one.


The collection of myths centres on the fictitious City State of Dreymouth, it's history (spanning back almost two millennia) and it's inhabitants. Each story will concentrate on different topics related to the organisation and characteristics of the city. The first, a short graphic story named "Krønike" (Chronicle) presents the city's early history. It was published in 2017 and can be read in its entirety here.


 A series of artworks will be made to accompany each comic, including sculptures, paintings, performances, etc. They will be based either on the story or the themes presented in it. The mission is to create individual objects that can be viewed independently of the project, but gain greater meaning in relation to it.